The Kids Team needs you!

We need many loving adults to serve on the Kids Team – there are Sunday morning “up front” and “behind the scenes” roles for everyone looking to help form faith!


What do they do? Guides do not need to plan a thing! They come with the sole purpose of building relationships with our children. You will be present for the opening and the outburst and rotate with a group of students.

Frequency? Commit to serving regularly during a five-week series OR once every five weeks.

How many are needed each week? We need 5-10 guides each week.


What do they do? Lead Openings (gathering time with music, skits, videos, etc.), Outbursts (interactive learning time about the week’s topic), and large groups of kids.  Using a planned lesson (or create your own), share the stories of our faith with our children in captivating ways.

Frequency? You can be a special guest leader (once or twice a year presenting a special skill) or an ongoing leader (at least once every 5 weeks).

How many are needed each week?  We need at least 3 leaders each week. We need one person to lead the Opening and one person to oversee each Outburst.

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What do they do? Welcome kids and families by staffing the Welcome Table. Help with attendance and parent questions. Arrive at 9:15 and leave by 9:35. If you can’t be here on Sunday mornings but would like to help in other ways, we can always use help preparing activities, too.

Frequency? Commit to serving at least once every five weeks.

How many are needed each week? We need 1-2 people each week.

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Children who are not yet in kindergarten and are least 3 years old will have their own class. that meets in room 313. Parents are invited to attend with their little ones as they begin this milestone transition into a classroom setting. We can always use adults to help with the leadership of this class, too! Contact Sara Harris ( to learn more.



Quite simply, Kids Team members make Spark happen! If you’d like to learn more or need a more in depth description of this ministry, please contact Ginger Tomes at or (513)683-4244.