All members are asked to attend the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, March 17, 2019 in the Parish Life Center to review the past year, vote on next year’s church council and budget, and hear about plans for next year.

A light lunch will be provided.

We look forward to gathering with you!



12:15 pm


12:15 pm   Call to Order                                              Karen Vance, President

Opening Prayer                                         Pastor Jonathan Eilert

Approval 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes                   Karen Vance, President


12:20 pm   Church Council Slate Approval                                  Amy Boynton, Committee Chair

Nominating Committee & Vote

                    POP Kids Board Approval                                        Pastor Lorne     


12:30 pm   Ministry Review                                                          Neil Frank, Vice President


12:45 pm   Financial Report                                                         Tom Ritter, Treasurer

-          Budget Review & Approval

-          2020 Vision Funds Allocation


1:10 pm       Endowment Fund Governance                       Pastor Jonathan          


1:20 pm       Worship Task Force Update                            Dewey Kuhn, Worship Team Leader


1:30 pm     Recognition Current Council / Outgoing               Karen Vance, President

Election Results – Nominating Committee            Amy Boynton, Committee Chair

Adjournment                                                                     Karen Vance, President

Closing Prayer                                                                   Pastor Lorne Hlad