Support The Haitian Timoun Foundation

Sunday April 21 - Sunday June 9

Goal: $18,000

For 8 weeks we will be raising support for our partners in Haiti through the Haitian Timoun Foundation. The first $9,000 given during this year’s Resurrection Project will equip a deserving HELP Scholar to finish their final year of university education, and every additional dollar raised will go towards supporting the annual Summer Camp in Jacmel, Haiti that serves over 250 children. Prince of Peace is proud to be sending a group of young adults this June to serve for the 5th consecutive year at the summer camp.  

 Be sure to check out the information posted in the Gathering Space about the impact The Haitian Education Leadership Program and the Jacmel Summer Camp continue to make in the lives of our partners in Haiti.   

Our work with the people of Haiti is just one of the ways we see lives being transformed through commitment following Jesus here at Prince of Peace.