Safe Sanctuary


Best Practices for

Children and Youth Ministry

Thank you for your interest in serving the children and youth of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.


Being children of God and members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, we strive to live out our love for God and others in the most appropriate and responsible way possible.  Our love and respect for people reflect our Christian values and are the primary foundation for our interpersonal relationships.  Our ministry to the children and youth at Prince of Peace (POP) reflects our Christian love and commitment.


The Safe Sanctuary: Best Practices for Children and Youth Ministry Handbook is our guideline for our community of faith and any guests who participate in our programs.  They have been developed to provide physical, mental and spiritual safety for our children and youth at POP. The wellbeing and faith development of our young people depend on our consistent and loving application of these principles.


1.     Click here to download and read the Safe Sanctuary Best Practices.

2.     Read the handbook.

3.     Fill out Volunteer Application

4.     Receive an email from your ministry leader with your next steps.


Thank you for helping keep our children and volunteers safe!

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